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How to Get a License

Any merchandise using BYU's trademarks must be licensed through BYU's licensing agent, CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company).

Click here to view BYU's protected marks.

CLC's application process can be found at by clicking "Get Licensed". This guide covers all of the information needed and fees required to obtain a license to produce BYU merchandise. The licensing process typically takes two to three months, depending on the product and the applicant's eagerness to complete the application process. The process includes the following steps:

Step 1:

Submit a CLC license application.

Step 2:

Send samples or preliminary designs of products bearing BYU indicia to CLC, purchase liability insurance for your product, provide product specifications, and buy the appropriate CLC hologram labels to affix to your merchandise. (Manufacturers may also be required to submit an Authorized Manufacturer's Agreement.)

Step 3:

Submit other required forms and fees as explained in the application guide.

Step 4:

Await results of the University review for licensing approval.

Questions regarding licensing, royalties, insurance coverage, artwork, designs, or any subject pertinent to the license agreement, should be directed to BYU's Trademark Licensing at 801-422-1920 or